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Fun with the kids

The whole family can get involved with our kids' activities!

  • Invite a robin to tea - help your feathered friends get the food they need at this chilly time of year by inviting a robin to tea! Make some tasty treats for your garden birds to enjoy.

  • Ruby Robin hunt - a Robin hunt, a gold coin hunt (the sort with chocolate), or a candy cane hunt. Select a venue with plenty of space and lots of hiding places! Then charge each participant a set fee or get them to find sponsorship for entering the hunt. You could even write out riddles or a treasure map to make the search more exciting.

  • Ruby Robin cut out shapes - click here to download our cut out shapes.

  • Christmas Carols - It is SongBird Survival after all and we love the songs!  Carolling never fails to please.  Get cash donations or ask people to donate via mobile or website

  • Sponsored silence - Get your friends and family to sponsor you to remain silent for the entire day. Especially lucrative if you are normally a chatterbox! A free and simple way to fundraise!

  • Paper Planes A very simple yet highly effective fundraiser! All you need is plain paper and an area to throw the paper planes. The aim of the game is to see who can throw their paper plane the furthest. You can charge participants a fee to take part with the winner receiving a prize.

  • Beat the goalie - Have a go game where people pay to join in. Have a prize for the person who scores the most goals.

  • Sponsored nature hunt - Go for a nature hunt; get sponsorship per different tree, plant, insect, bird, mammal, cloud, you can spot and photograph – get extra money if you can name them all! Fundraise, learn about nature and enjoy time outside all at the same time.

  • Bike Ride or Walk - Organise a bike ride or walk or ramble and get your friends and family to sponsor you. Choose a route and time frame which is suitable for the participants.  Schools could use a circuit of their local area. The adventurous could choose an off-road mountain or moorland trail.

  • Sweets/10p's in a Jar - A quick and easy fundraiser, simply fill up a jar with sweets or 10p coins (remember to count how many you put in) and charge people a small fee to guess how many there are. The person who gets closest to the figure by the end of the days wins the lot!

  • Charity Car Wash - A fundraising car wash is simple to organise, fun to do, and is a great way to raise funds for SBS.

  • Recycling - There are numerous companies that will pay for recycled goods. Put up some posters at your school or around your neighbourhood advertising for people's rubbish. You will receive money for broken phones, old ink cartridges and scrap gold to name but a few. Click here for companies we already work with. 

Download a sponsorship form here.

Click here for some other birdy ideas to occupy the children over the Christmas holiday

Hold a scavenger hunt
Beat the goaie
Make a fat feeder