• Ruby

A Little Help

During the colder months my friends and I could really do with some extra help. In the chilly weather fatty food is really good, we love a homemade bird cake made with lard and seeds! Your leftovers make fab meals for us too. If you have leftover pastry or cheese please put it out for us. We don't even mind a piece of half eaten fruit, sharing is caring after all. Oh and next time you are trimming the fat off your meat please don't throw it in the bin because we will eat that too. Although that's only good for us if its from unsalted meat.

We've had a few frosty mornings now too and that always makes it tricky for us to find a drink. I noticed the other morning that there was a little ping pong ball in the bird bath in my garden. The little girl who lives here was playing about with it and it must have ended up in there, which is great. Because the ball had moved around in the breeze and stopped the water from freezing.

Hedges and trees are lovely for us to shelter and rest. they also help us to hide from predators and we may find a great place to nest. if your garden doesn't have much shelter you could help by putting up a nice bird box, you never know we might surprise you with some babies!

Where's today's fresh water?

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