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November seems to have flown by, and would you believe, I’ve already had to see off some other “friendly” robins from my patch!! I’d been searching everywhere the perfect spot and I found this garden fair and square, so I am not just going to hand it over.

To be honest, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot this year! Finding food around this time is difficult even if the weather stays fairly mild, but when the temperatures plummet and there is snow on the ground, life becomes a real challenge. However, the owner of this garden loves to look after me. She’s always pottering about out here which gives me lots of opportunity to follow her around, in search of beetles and worms.

I have spotted two trays on the ground…. One is on the patio. There is a hedge for me nearby that I can dart into if I need shelter. I know this one is here because they like to watch me, they have a big armchair just by the window. The other is at the back of the garden, near the bird bath. Both are always topped up with seed, sunflower hearts and mealworms!

Well anyway, I best be off…. Got to keep an eye on my patch! I’m feeling rather vocal so a nice sing song it is…. That will do the job!

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