• Ruby

Living The Dream In December

Well hello again! I’m sure you will be delighted to hear that I’m still loving my garden. Although It’s getting colder, and we have had a few frosts, my human friends have gone out of their way to look out for me!

The man inside the house seems to have taken a liking to a bacon sandwich for breakfast, at the weekends. Not very exciting news for you maybe, but for me…. Oh boy!! He always puts out the bacon rind for me, he even chops it up!!

There had been something worrying me though. You see, I thought that my human lady had gone a little mad… you know, a bit Cuckoo!. I’d noticed that on a few occasions she had been taking the kettle down to the bottom of the garden, which I’m sure you would agree, is a little odd. I’d seen her do it even twice in one day so yesterday I watched ….. and what a surprise!

Perching in the bushes on the patio gave me a brilliant view into the house and I could see my lady in her kitchen, making a cup of tea. She seems to drink a lot of tea by the way! So I watched her carry her cuppa through to the table by the big arm chair and just as I thought she was going to sit down, she walked back to the kitchen and peered into the kettle! She then did the kindest thing…. She used the leftover water to come out and defrost my drinking water!!

Oh and I even got a little hello as she walked past!

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