• Ruby

National Robin Day 2020

Well, well, well! As if it’s that time of year again already…… National Robin Day! How I look forward to this day. On my travels

I’ve heard adults chatting about how they have loved making gingerbread bird houses, I’ve heard children’s squeals of delight when they have seen their salt dough decorations hanging on the Christmas tree and just yesterday I was listening to a lovely man, who was getting sponsored to cycle 21 miles. It really has been an exciting week.

Myself and all of my songbird friends are so grateful, it sounds like the SBS team have been doing a fab job spreading the word!

We really do appreciate you all looking out for us. You have all been wonderful this winter, the extra feed and supply of fresh water is just what we’ve needed!

Please do let me know what you are all up to! Are you doing anything special for National Robin Day?

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