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National Robin Day is here!

Oh my word! I am so excited! The day is finally here! The team in the office has been beavering away to make everything perfect for the big day - check out our social media for all that we have been up to!

They even made the latest spotlight all about robins especially for the occasion! Click here to read all about my family and what makes us so special.

Please do get involved - I really want to see #NationalRobinDay trending on Twitter and being talked about on Facebook and posted in everyone's Instagram Stories. I want to see pictures of robins and all my other feathered friends - and any other animals as we all need to live together on this beautiful planet.

And if you have an event or make a bird feeder or paint a picture I want to see those too! Get your bird brain into gear and come up with something amazing to wow me?

I've just found that you can even get a mini-me! You can sponsor your very own little Ruby Robin! Click the image below to get your very own singing robin which you can share with your friends too!

Thank you for being so wonderful and following and sharing #NationalRobinDay!

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