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You love us, but not our poop!

Love your birds but forever washing poop off your car?

We can’t recommend any types of food which will minimise the damage but here’s Ruby Robin with some handy tips for cleaning up the mess.

Hi there…. It’s me, Ruby! So now we are in the summer months, and I don’t have any Christmas photo shoots booked in, I thought I’d share a little of my knowledge with you.

We know you love us, but we also hear you moaning! Hopefully what I’m going to tell you will stop our droppings from ruining your paint.

So let me tell you a little about bird poop. Murphy’s law states that it will always hit your car within hours, sometimes minutes of you washing it.

Bird poop is terrible for your paint. It’s terribly abrasive and that’s because birds eat ridiculous things like pebbles, sand, and seed-shell fragments. Removing it from your pride and joy can be really hard, especially if it’s been baked on by the sun.

You may be in hurry to get your car clean. Yes It’s poop…you want it gone as soon as possible, it can contain acids and other chemicals that can eat away at the surface of your car. But, on its own, bird poop isn’t as bad for your car’s paint as the way most people try to clean it.

So would you clean your car with sand paper?! Never, never, and I mean never, scrub the bird poop. I’m telling you now, this needs to be done carefully and probably more slowly than you would like.

There’s a right and a wrong way to handle bird poop—and generally, the first few ideas that pop into your mind when you first discover it are the ‘wrong’ things.

So, do not wipe, blast or scrub. Do not grab the nearest household cleaner and apply it to the poop (and your paint).

What you really need to do is take a deep breath and listen carefully. I will tell you the correct steps for damage-free bird-poop removal.

First, calm yourself. This works best when you’re relaxed. Maybe grab a calming cup (or glass) of something.

Next, gather a few clean, soft rags or a sponge, a bucket, car-wash soap, and water. Get your car somewhere cool and shady, and soak the poop with a concentrated mixture of car-wash soap and the warmest possible water by pouring and dabbing the mixture gently onto the poop.

This is not the time to be shy: get the poop nice and wet. Soak, soak and then soak it some more.

With this completed, go and make yourself a cuppa, put your feet up, read a book or call a friend. Anything to pass the time. Do not be tempted to hurry, take - your - time.

Return to your car, perhaps in 30 minutes. Grab a rag or sponge and wet the poop again, using the same car wash solution as before. Count to ten and remember how much you love us… be gentle.

You will need to test the poop, which involves touching it…disgusting, I know!

Using literally the lightest touch known to mankind, wipe at the edge of the bird poop stain. If it comes off as you (very) lightly rub with your rag or sponge, continue to work, slowly and gently, to remove it.

If some of the poop proves more difficult to remove, re-soak the entire thing for another 30 minutes, and try again. Repeat as needed.

Eventually you’ll be able to remove the poop with a very light touch. All the while, keeping it wet, keep your touch light, always using a clean section of cloth or sponge.

I’m hoping that by now your car is looking all clean and shiny, in its full glory. You should be feeling proud of your efforts and I’m thinking you might want to get a nice cool glass of something, sit down and admire its beauty and your hard work.

I’m just wondering how long it will take for you to notice that no sooner had you walked away, one of our mutual friends pooped on your car…..again!!

Much love

Ruby Robin

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