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Robin Facts

Did you know...?

Male & female robins look identical.

Both male and female birds sing.

Robins sing a different song in the autumn and in the spring.

Robins are very territorial - most territories are held by males.

Robins build their nests very quickly - one man reported hanging his jacket on a shed door to do some gardening, when he returned an hour later, a robin was nesting in the pocket!

Baby robins are spotty brown in colour to merge with the background in defence of predators.

Fledglings get their red colour by autumn, when they start to learn the autumn song.

If you want to help by offering a nesting site then an old tea pot hung up is perfect.

Robins are often associated with Christmas:  


Not only because they are so visible in the winter months with their friendly ways, often being the only birds some people see at this time, but also because of their colour. 


Victorian postmen wore red jackets and were fondly referred to as 'Robins' as they brought eagerly awaited cards from loved ones. 


Pictures of the postmen were often featured on Christmas cards and then pictures of the feathered robins delivering mail became popular and this symbol has stayed with us ever since.


There is also the story of the little brown bird who helped to protect the face of the baby Jesus from flames of the hearth in the manger.  The fire scorched the little bird who's breast was forever thereafter red as a mark of its kind heart.