Robin Run

21 is our magic number

21 is your goal


National Robin Day is on the 21st December and SongBird Survival is in its 21st year of being a charity


So we want you to do anything from 21 laps of a garden to spotting and feeding 21 robins or running 21 miles or doing 21 nature walks with the children or reaching 2.1 miles each day with your dog by the 21st December 2020!  Everyone can get involved, it’s really easy to sign up and you can do any challenge that you set your mind to.... all it has to do is revolve around the number 21

Get your friends and family to support your challenge and help songbirds with every step, spot or mile towards your goal of 21.

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Working with our Partners at Run for Charity we've set up a fantastic socially-distanced event that you, your friends and family can all do at home!

Just £15 registration fee and Run for Charity will set it all up for you

Every participant will receive a goodie pack and a medal - just for taking part!


Stuck for ideas on what you can do? - Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Challenge your family and friends

  • See who can do the most skips in 21 seconds

  • Build the tallest tower out of 21 different objects

  • Run a 21m three legged race – bonus if you dress up!

  • Hold a virtual lunch or dinner for 21 friends

  • Find 21 items in your garden that help wildlife and birds

  • Hold a fancy dress workout on Zoom for 21 minutes

  • Build the biggest Lego tower in 2.1 minutes

  • Win a sponsored silence for 2.1 hours

  • Read 21 books with the kids

  • Hold a quiz with 21 questions – bonus if you can get 21 friends to take part with you online

  • Who can fill up the most water balloons in 21 minutes

  • Throw 21 water balloons at each other!

Challenge yourself

  • Learn to count to 21 in different languages

  • Walk 2.1 miles inside your house

  • Binge watch 21 episodes of your favourite show

  • Run 2.1 miles – or walk 2.1 miles… perhaps 2.1 miles each day with your dog?

  • Bake 21 Ruby Robin cupcakes

  • Walk up and down the stairs 21 times

  • Juggle for 21 minutes

  • Walk, Run, Wheel or Hop up and down your street 21 times

  • Challenge yourself to 21 press-ups – bonus if in fancy dress!

  • Shoot 21 basketball hoops

  • Hop 2.1 miles on a bouncy hopper

  • Draw or make 21 Ruby Robins to decorate your house for Christmas