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Rockin' Robin

How far can Ruby and her friends travel? Get involved with the rock painting craze by decorating some rocks with Ruby and other garden birds. Hide them for others to find. Don't forget to use #NationalRobinDay.

#NationalRobinDay rock painting 1

You can buy a bag of good sized stones from your local garden centre, or you may already have some at home. Get creative and use pens or paint to decorate, once dry it is a good idea to seal with yacht varnish. On the back of your rock you can use the #NationalRobinDay so that you can follow Ruby and her friends on their travels.

#NationalRobinDay rock painting 2
#NationalRobinDay rock painting 3

There are lots of rock painting pages on Facebook that you can join too. These are a great way to see if your rock can travel all around the country. Simply join your local page, use the #, and keep up to date with where its been found and where it might end up next.